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Change / Revise quotation

A quotation that has already been submitted can always be revised and if necessary changed within the submission deadline of its request for quotation. If you have already submitted a quotation and the request is in the status "Ongoing", you can either open the quotation directly or open and revise it via the request for quotation.

Both ways are explained on this page.

A change of the quotation is especially necessary if the purchaser has invalidated the quotation which you have already submitted due to a change of the list of items. If you have an invalid quotation (status "Invalid quotation"), you can revise it, resend it and make it valid again in the same way.

You can find out more about invalid listings and how they are revised here:

Revise invalid quotations


Option no. 1: Change quotation via the request

In the left navigation pane, open one of the available lists, e.g. Requests for quotation "Ongoing". If the request is a recent one, it will also be displayed on the dashboard under the 5 most recent requests. In this case, you can also open the request this way:


Open request via the "Ongoing" list or via the dashboard


If you open the request for quotation via the "Ongoing" list, search for the request in question, e.g. by filtering by a request number or designation and open it with a mouse click.


Open request via the "Ongoing" list


Within the request for quotation, go to the "Quotations" tab. Open the quotation by clicking on it or by clicking on the folder button on the right...


Open quotation via a the request



... and click on the "Edit quotation" button in the upper right hand corner:



Button to change the quotation


Your quotation will be activated for processing and you can now revise the general data, add or delete more attachments or change the quoted prices and delivery times.


Changing the general data of the quotation 



Revise items list 



Once you have completed your changes, you can submit your revised quotation by clicking on the "Submit quotation" button again or discard your changes by clicking "Cancel".


Complete submittance



Option no. 2: Access via the quotation list

To revise and change a quotation, you can also open a quotation directly by clicking on the menu item "Quotations" in the left navigation area. You will be shown a list of all the quotations that have been sent. If the request for quotation has the status "Ongoing", you can open the desired quotation and revise it as described above.



Open quotation via quotation list

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