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5 simple steps to create and send a quotation

In this quick guide, you will learn how to prepare a quotation for a request and send it to the client.

Step 1: Login to FUTURA Smart

You will receive an invitation to each new request for quotation by e-mail. Click on the button "View RFQ".

Example of an invitation


Now log in with your known access data. You will need the e-mail address with which you registered as a user (the company e-mail address on file cannot be used for logging on) and the password. With "Sign In" you will be directed to the dashboard.

Login window for FUTURA Smart


Step 2: Select a request for quotation

On the dashboard on the left, you can open the list of requests by clicking on Requests for quotation → Ongoing":


View list of ongoing requests


Select the desired request for quotation by clicking on it once or by opening it with the envelope button on the right:


List of ongoing requests

The request for quotation will then open and you will be on the cover page. On the cover page you will find general information about the request, including which company is purchasing and the deadline:


Cover sheet of the request for quotation


At the bottom of the cover page you can find the attachments to the request if the purchaser has provided any.


Attachments to the request

Step 3: View items

The "Items" tab contains the complete list of items issued by the purchaser, including the requested quantity. Depending on its length, the list can consist of several pages. You can browse to the other pages at the bottom of the item list:

Items of the request for quotation

With the plus and minus buttons to the left of the items, you can display the details. This includes the description (long text), any other attachments, etc.

Details of an item

Step 4: Create a quotation

To create a quotation, click on the "Create quotation" button which is available in every tab of the request:


Button to start creating a quotation

Once you have clicked on the "Create quotation" button, the transaction is in progress. The "Create quotation" button is then inactive and cannot be used again. If you leave the request and would like to continue working on the quotation later, for example, please return to the "Quotations" tab in the request for quotation and click on the data record that has already been created or use the envelope button on the right to open it again.


Open quotation in editing mode

While you prepare your quotation, an input mask for all relevant information is available. Here you can enter a quotation number and a validity date and upload attachments to the quotation.

Entering general information regarding the quotation


Uploading attachments to the quotation

You can upload your quotation documents in the "Attachments to your quotation" section. To do this, please click on the "Select files" button or select and drag your attachments from the storage location of your PC and save them under "Drop files to upload here".


Uploading quotation files

Removing attachments

You can use the recycle bin button to the right of each of your uploaded attachments to remove attachments.

Removing files from the quotation

Editing the item list

You will find the item list in the lower area. Here, you can enter your quotes. The columns "Delivery time" and "Unit price" can be edited.

Entering delivery time and unit price


You can use the tab key to move from one field to the next. The total price resulting from the quantity and the unit price is automatically updated when you leave the field. The total costs in the header of the quotation are also updated:


Total price calculation after inserting prices

Step 5: Submit your quotation

If the quotation is complete and the calculation of your quotation is correct, you can send the quotation, including your quotation documents, to the purchaser by using the "Submit quotation" button below the item list:

Button for submitting quotation



Finalize by confirming the submittal of your quotation:

Confirming submittal



You will receive a short confirmation that the quotation has been sent to the purchaser:

Confirmation of submittal

A successfully submitted quotation has the status "Submitted".


You can view your quotation at any time, even after the deadline has passed. To do this, please open the relevant request for quotation, select the "Quotations" tab and either click on the folder button or anywhere on the line which shows the quotation status.


Review quotation


Changing a quotation in an ongoing request

If you have to revise your quotation in an ongoing request, you can change it within the deadline. You can find out how this works here: Change / Revise quotation

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